Third party verification, or TPV, is an important step in the closing of a sale. Many industries, states, and companies require a level of outside certification when completing a transaction with a customer. As technology’s capabilities grow, the need for TPV does as well. 

TPV History

Person to person TPV has been the practice within industries for years. Call centers employ millions of people around the globe, whose sole purpose is to identify callers as who they say they are. Long scripts, orally delivered, can take several tedious minutes. Sales can be lost, calls dropped, or clients can be unreachable. With these glitches, the possibility of a customer changing their mind is highly likely. The average person is exposed to over 5,000 ads a day. Against your competition, do you measure up? Web TPV is quickly becoming the new industry standard; with the ability to slash sales completion times in half and virtually eliminate agent error. Will you be up to date in the new fiscal year? TPVNinja by Workware was the first WebTPV solution on the market and continues to grow their customer base each year. 

WebTPV In Different Industries

TPV is required when switching phone service or utility usage by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Many other legally binding transactions chose to use third-party verification to protect both themselves and the company against fraud. In recent years, several industries have chosen to use software related to WebTPV because of the  increased speed and accurate, binding results. Lawyers can use WebTPV applications when transferring legal documents to clients, securing signatures, and receiving payment. Universities can transfer school records, hospitals can send medical records, the list of industries using WebTPV continues to grow. Recently, Unilever announced their plan to use TPV in advertising, an attempt to become more transparent in their advertising. 

WebTPV is the next step in a long line of technological advancements in delicate documents. In the 21st century, we can draft a will online, apply for a credit card, and plan a vacation from the comfort and privacy of our own home. By streamlining these processes we create a better experience for the agent as well as the customer. They will be able to read and sign, at their own pace, while still fulfilling the necessary requirements from state to state. Creating an easier; more enjoyable path to a longstanding relationship with company and customer.