Web TPV: A New Era of TPV Technology

By December 29, 2015 October 31st, 2019 Web TPV

Today’s energy customer wants not only an energy provider that offers competitive rates, but also one that is technologically advanced to handle their needs securely and with the least amount of effort. Here is where Web TPV comes into play.

Far too often, consumers are bombarded by a litany of questions (aka the Third Party Verification process) and this time-consuming process that can take up to 15 minutes to complete. This can leave people unwilling to complete a TPV and now you have potential customers falling through the cracks, not because there is a problem with you but because the of the enrollment process.

An essential part of any energy retail transaction is to ensure that a customer understands the services that they are receiving and also understands the energy re-seller’s terms and conditions. This ensures integrity, but it is also a regulated requirement.

A New, Highly Efficient Product In TPV Technology

The TPV process is a great resource for energy re-sellers and now it’s time for the next evolution in TPV.

TPV Ninja has changed the game with its Web TPV process. Web TPV simplifies the process, cuts TPV times by up-to 90% and allows your customers the peace of mind and security needed to complete the agreement.

TPV Ninja’s software uses cutting-edge patent pending technology that is already at anyone’s fingertips. There are no phone calls involved and it takes an average of 45 seconds to complete a transaction. A Web TPV typically costs 50 percent less than a traditional TPV, has the capabilities to take electronic signatures, geo-locate and capture transactions, store information at a higher security level and, unlike some technology-based tools, it is easy to use.

All of these features help facilitate a smoother, faster, more secure transaction between energy companies and their customers.