How fast can I get Contract Ninja and/or TPV Ninja installed and setup?

As both of our software products are Cloud based there is a relatively small amount of setup for TPV Ninja. For Contract Ninja since your contracts needed to be converted to our software platform, it can take a little more time depending on the number of contacts that need to be converted. Typical setup for TPV Ninja takes 1-2 business days and Contract Ninja 5 – 7 business days.



How expensive are your Web TPV products?

When comparing either TPV Ninja or Contract Ninja to telephone TPV or hard copy contracts our software is typically 50% less expensive. Our Web TPV products were designed to reduce time, clerical errors, and administrative management.



Which Web TPV product is right for me and my organization?

Typically TPV Ninja is used by high volume call centers needing to quickly verify single-order deals. Our software was designed to swiftly get your sales verified and your sales reps back on the phone.

Contract Ninja is designed for larger organizations that utilize larger written contracts that may require one or more signatures. Why loose a big deal waiting on fax machines or the decision maker to get to a location where a contract can be received?

Both products are designed to deliver lightning fast contracts or verification via. mobile or tablet devices.



What are the minimum system requirements to run any of your Web TPV software products?

As our software is delivered on an Saas model, meaning it runs within a highly secure Cloud environment. The only thing you would need is an internet connection and a web browser.



How secure are my documents within the Workware document cloud?

Following all UETA and eSign best practices as well as all cloud security practices, your documents are highly secure. We take the security of our clients very seriously and have the very best security practices in place. For detailed tech specs on our security and document cloud environment feel free to contact us directly.



Do you offer special pricing for Educational and or Government entities?

Yes, we have specialized pricing for legal educational and governmental entities, contact Workware directly and we will provide you with this.


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