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We build “Web Software Solutions” with one purpose, to keep up with the ever changing demands of a fast paced business world. Clients in todays market don’t want to be sent to a TPV spending up to 30 minutes on the phone. They do not want to print, sign, scan and then attach to an email or worse, fax back your contract. This is where TPV Ninja and Contract Ninja comes into play.

If you’re a company that needs YOUR CONTRACTS signed NOW and not faxed to your client, waiting for a signature, waiting for a signed contract faxed back, for god knows how long, then Contract Ninja is what you need.

We build Web TPV and Web Contract software products that move at the speed of your business . . . NOW!

Less paper, more automation.

Today, 80% of all document processes still rely on paper. With Ninja Contract solutions, you can speed up the sales process with automated workflows and give your users the tools needed to work more efficiently  across all platforms and devices.

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Jason Stanard

President - Managing Member

Mr. Stanard, as President of GreatCircle Studios and SEO Results Now is already an accomplished entrepreneur and technology enthusiast. After working with several energy companies over the last couple of years, it became apparent to him that there was a huge need for Web TPV and hence Workware’s line of Web TPV products was born.

It was apparent to me that energy re-sellers and suppliers were spending ungodly amounts of money and time on something that could be done easier, faster, and less expensive online.

Jason has over 15 years of experience in web site design, web marketing and web application development. Mr. Stanard’s experience includes working at Earthlink, as well as holding various sales and marketing positions with such successful Internet companies such as NeoPets.com and InsureSuite.com. Jason has been featured on many radio talk shows speaking about Online Marketing and Search Engine Optimization. He has been nominated for the Tampa Bay Technology Forums’ Rising Star Award 2012, 2013, and 2014. Mr. Stanard has also been nominated for the Tamp Bay Business Journals Up and Comers Award 2012 and 2013.