No more endless wait times for live agents!

TPV Ninja delivers TPVs in just seconds right to your customers phone via SMS or Email. Your agents can now quickly process TPVs with a click of a button. You have to see it to believe it!

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Drastic Reduction in Dropped Calls

Text/SMS Verification Available

Up to 50% Less Than Your Current TPV Costs

TPV Conversion Times are Significantly Reduced

Seamless Integration With Most CRM & CMS Systems

PBX Integration Available

Web TPV is More Secure

TPV Ninja is a more secure TPV workflow. Ninja Safeguards include precise time stamps of when the TPV was sent, what IP Address it was sent to, when it was received, geo-tagging of the order to verify customer addresses and agents location. TPV Ninja will also time stamp when it was signed as well as other advanced anti-slamming protocols.

The process is conducted through a simple data entry that generates an email or text link directly to the customer. The customer then answers a series of “Yes” “No” verification questions on their device and provides a signature that is sent back electronically through the client-specific portal in real-time.

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Ninja Safeguards include:

  • IP Address for Agent and Signer

  • Geo-tagging of the order

  • When it was received

  • Time stamp signature

  • And other advanced anti-slamming protocols