‘TPV Ninja’ Provides Field Sales Teams Valuable Tool

By February 18, 2016 October 30th, 2019 Web TPV

Sales Verification Company, in partnership with software company Workware Solutions, have launched a game-changing TPV Web tool. Below is the press release.

CLEARWATER, Fla. – Sales Verification Company, a leading innovator in the third party verification industry, is proud to announce a dynamic, money-saving new product designed to dramatically streamline the verification process in the field.

Developed in partnership with Clearwater-based software company Workware Solutions, and licensed exclusively to Sales Verification Company, the “TPV Ninja” tool provides real-time results from door-to-door sales teams with unparalleled levels of security.

“TPV Ninja is a game-changer for the verification industry,” Sales Verification Company President Jono Lo Bue said. “Never before has there been a tool available to field sales teams that provides this level of convenience, security and savings of both time and money.”

TPV Ninja is a web-based application that field representatives can access through their own smart devices, eliminating the need for special hardware. The process is conducted through a simple data entry that generates an email or text link directly to the customer. The customer then answers a series of verification questions on their device and provides a wet signature that is sent back electronically through the client-specific portal in real-time. Verifications are archived as PDFs and can be retrieved immediately.

Safeguards include precise time stamps, geo-tagging of the order to verify customer addresses, and additional advanced anti-slamming protocols.

“The industry has been evolving toward a solution like this for several years,” Lo Bue said, “but nothing has succeeded like TPV Ninja. We’re very excited to pair this product with our live verification options and provide a full suite of products to suit any verification need.”

About Sales Verification Company: Sales Verification Company is located in Clearwater, Fla., and provides both live operator and automated TPV platforms. The company also provides a wide variety of sales integrity services including welcome calls, live monitoring and quality control outreach.

About Workware Solutions:
 Workware Solutions is located in Clearwater, FL and is the leader in Web TPV software solutions designed specifically for the energy industry.

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