$ 999

  • Up to 500 Transactions
  • Email Support
  • Reporting


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$ 1999

  • Up to 1,000 Transactions
  • Phone and Email Support
  • Reporting


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$ 4999

    • *Up-to 2,500 Transactions
    • Priority Phone and Email Support
    • Reporting

*Just $1 per-tpv for transactions over 2,500

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Add On’s

Choose from our selection of Add On's.

Text / SMS


 $ 50/mo

  • Verify an order or contract via text/SMS message
  • 100% Safe, secure, and reliable TPV done through any text or SMS platform
  • Add to either TPV Ninja or Contract Ninja

PBX Integration


 $ 100/mo

  • Integrate TPV Ninja or Contract Ninja with almost any PBX phone System.
  • Transfer all order information automatically into online verification, in real time.
  • Avoid clerical mistakes and user errors and reduce order entry times dramatically.

CRM/CMS Integration


 $ 100/mo

Easily integrate with most CRM/ CMS systems.*Current systems that TPV Ninja can be easily integrated with include:

  • WordPress ™
  • Salesforce ™
  • Drupal ™
  • Sugar CRM ™
  • Joomla ™
  • HighRise ™

Storage & Security



Fully eSign and UETA compliant, with TPV Ninja you can be sure that all records and transactions are stored in a highly secure environment and comply with all state and federal mandates.

Do I have to sign a long term contract?

While you do get better rates if you sign a long-term contract, no it isn’t necessary to do so. TPV Ninja is a month-to-month SaaS product. Contract Ninja requires a short term contract agreement.

Are TPV Ninja and Contact Ninja Competitively priced?

YES, for most companies if you take into account the cost of admin staff, outsourcing fees, and time it takes to deliver one third party verification, our software is typically %50 less expensive than anything currently on the market!

Do I need a techie to install and run TPV Ninja or Contract Ninja?

NO, as our software is a hosted cloud solution we take all of the technical complications out of it. Purchase a license, give us some basic information, and you’re off and running.

How long does it take to get setup and started?

With TPV Ninja you can be up-and-running within 1-2 business days. With Contract Ninja, depending on the amount of contracts you have, typically 3 -5 business days.