Trust is a tricky thing for a company to earn. In technology’s current climate, every month security measures are upgraded within the workplace and in the home. Fingerprint, face recognition, mandatory training are normal within a customers life. Spam calls masquerading as the Office of Social Security and horror stories of lost finances splashed across the news; a company must work twice as hard to ensure their day-to-day operations are up to code. With TPVNinja’s ID Capture, it is now easier and safer than ever before to take a customer’s required identification.

Safety First

Security is always the number one goal of third-party verification. After the birth of third-party verification, companies, as well as states, enacted policies to help keep consumers safe. Several states across the U.S. require a physical copy of a government issued ID when signing up for utility service. TPVNinja gives agents the ability to capture required documents quickly and securely. Gone are the days of clumsy cellphone pictures taken by the agent. These interactions do nothing to bolster confidence in the seller. Most Americans are on high alert when it comes to identity theft; over 9 million citizens suffer from identity fraud each year. With ID capture from TPVNinja, trust is established instantaneously; the software does the work for the agent. 

Quicker Sales

Streamlining workflow can be done in two ways with ID capture. By utilizing technology, the process becomes faster than manual implementation. Eliminating human errors and time wasters (think dead cell phones, unusable pictures, incorrect sources of ID), will allow you to minimize sale times and maximize profits. With the same tech, you are keeping your business safer. Less worry about information leaks or lawsuits while building your customers trust. TPVNinja works to be the first and the best when it comes to web third-party verification. Allow us to show you a demo and schedule today.