HR onboarding is changing!

With the business world spreading out, and more businesses moving to working from home, the onboarding process for new hires has dramatically changed. Your expansion teams are conducting interviews over Zoom and new hires are not stepping foot into the office anymore. With all of this change, eSign HR workflows have never been more important.

The Home Office is the New Norm in 2021

Most homes across the US are not just a place to take refuge from a difficult day at the office. Our homes are also  becoming our new office space and scanning is not always easily accessible. An eSign workflow will eliminate the need for your new hires to have to drive to the nearest Pack & Send to scan and send back your onboarding docs.

eSign Workflow

By moving to eSign workflows, you save on time and resources and eliminate much of the back and forth. With automated smart workflows, TPV Ninja helps route digital documents through the right steps, in the right order. Your HR department is no longer tethered to physical limitations.

While human review is still a core component of the HR process, e-signatures make it easier for your team to check the status of the signature workflow, and know who has signed, when, and who’s next.

E-signatures are now legally valid in nearly every Country and State.

Are you ready to move to eSign?

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