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Clients in todays market don’t want to be sent to a TPV spending up to 30 minutes on the phone. Your customers don’t want to print, sign, scan and then attach back to an email (or worse, fax back your contract)

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Are electronic signatures legal?

Because of the ESIGN Act and the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA), eSign documents have the same legal status as handwritten signatures throughout the United States.

In 1999, the Uniform Law Commission drafted the framework for the use of electronic signatures in each state. All but two States have adopted UETA (Illinois and New York) but instead have implemented their own statutes for electronic signatures.


Our SaaS pricing model allows businesses to efficiently move to an online cutting edge solution at a fraction of the cost.

CRM & CMS Integration

Contract Ninja and TPV Ninja can easily integrate with the most common CRM and CMS systems. Imagine the full order lifecycle from sale, to contract, to TPV, to reporting all done online with your current system!

Ease of Use

Contract Ninja and TPV Ninja were designed specifically to be simple, quick, and easy to use for even the most novice of users. Our software can be rapidly deployed into any business, regardless of size.


Safe, secure, and reliable contracts or third party verification done through any text or SMS platform. Quickly and easily verify your orders through any smartphone or tablet.


Fully eSign and UETA compliant, with TPV Ninja you can be sure that all records and transactions are stored in a highly secure environment and comply with all state and federal mandates.

PBX Integration

Avoid clerical mistakes and user errors and reduce order entry times dramatically. Currently TPV Ninja and Contract Ninja were developed to support almost all versions of the ViciDial ™ system.

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